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"Katzentraining ist so viel mehr"

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  • Can you really train cats?
    Yes, cats can be trained! Despite the popular belief that cats are untrainable, this is a misconception. Cats are intelligent and trainable. They can learn desired behaviors through positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training or rewards. Training can help address problems such as uncleanliness or aggressive behavior. Patience and consistency are important. Find out about cat behavior and learn appropriate training methods. Training can be fun and bond with your cat.
  • What is the difference between cat training and cat behavior counseling?
    Feline Behavior Consultants specialize in observing and evaluating cat behavior to identify possible causes of problems. They work with owners to optimize the environment and interactions with the cat to improve behavior Our cat training approach is more than that! After analyzing the behavior, we move on and we help you and your loved ones to teach certain skills, encourage desired behavior, teach their alternative behavior or minimize undesirable behavior. The cat is rewarded with positive reinforcement, e.g. through clicker training, when it shows the desired behavior. This may include teaching the cat to respond to certain commands, perform tricks, or use a litter box, for example. In addition, the training helps to strengthen the bond between cat and owner and promotes mental stimulation in the cat. Once you've trained your cats, you won't want to be without it!
  • Why should I train my cats?
    Answer: Training with your cat can have many benefits for both you and your cat. Here are some reasons why you should exercise your cat: So, by exercising regularly with your cat, you can not only improve their mental and physical health, but also strengthen your relationship and have fun together. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of cat training!
  • What do you offer?
  • Do I need previous knowledge?
  • Where does the training take place? Do I have to go somewhere with my cat?
    Our courses and advice take place online via Zoom, so that you can take part in a relaxed manner from home, so that your cats are also in their usual environment so that they can take part in the training in a relaxed and concentrated manner.
  • How much time do I need for the training? How often do I have to train? Isn't that tedious?
    In addition to our course, about 5 minutes per day/cat is enough, of course you can train much more often, but you can achieve quick success with small, short units. Many cats are real training junkies and want to train more often once they have found the fun.
  • At what age can I start training my cat?
    You can start training your cat at any age. Cats of all ages can learn new skills and change behaviors. Training kittens is often easier as they are curious and eager to learn. With older cats, you may need a little more time and patience. Use a positive, reward-based training method with treats and praise. Short and regular training sessions are effective. The training not only helps in obedience but also in building a close bond. Visit our website for more information and resources or contact us directly. We're happy to help!
  • Can I also train with several cats?
    Of course, at the beginning we will show you exactly the right exercises so that you can train with several cats in a relaxed manner without everyone scurrying about with excitement.
  • What do I need for the training?
    After registering, you will receive a lot of input from us as well as a starter package with everything you need for your first training session. In the course of the course, we can of course recommend material based on our experience and give you tips on good treats, etc.
  • What do I do if my cat won't eat treats?
    There are many options here. Together with you we will see what your cat's favorite treat is. If we don't find anything here, you can, for example, simply reward them with normal food by simply deducting a portion for the clicker round. Here we have many tips for you on how we can do that. There are also other ways to reward in training, we can look at that together.
  • How is the training going?
    No matter where you are, you can take part in our training from anywhere, because we do everything online via Zoom, so that your cats are also in their usual environment so that they can take part in the training in a relaxed and concentrated way. Before your appointment you will automatically receive the link to dial in and at the start time you simply log into the session. At the beginning we determine the order and of course try to take your needs into account. Each participant has about 15 minutes of their own training time in the session and we support and correct your training success and discuss further training until the next session. You can watch all other participants during their training and learn from them as well or collect ideas for your next training.
  • What if I can't or I'm on vacation?
    That's not a problem at all, with our flexible booking system you have the opportunity to book them into the courses during the term if it suits you. For example, if you are on vacation for 2 weeks, you can later take part in e.g. 2 different courses twice a week. Either you train like us and take your cats with you ;) or...
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